Ultratech – ultrasonic repair

We are one of the few companies in Europe that repair and refurbish converters for ultrasonic welding of all brands and frequencies.

We offer service for transducers, generators and other electronics for ultrasonic welding of Sonotronic, KLN Ultraschall, Mecasonic, Rinco, Dukane, Branson, Herrmann, Weber, MS Speichingen, Telsonic, Sonic Italia, Artech, Frimo, Eurosonic, Moroni, SwissSonic, Belson, Magnus, and other brands.

We design and manufacture sonotrodes for ultrasonic welding. We also refurbish sonotrodes if their shape and degree of wear permits it.


Thanks to our experienced team of employees, high-quality technical facilities and proven suppliers, we have a very high percentage rate of successful repairs. This is evidenced by the wide base of our clients who are returning to us simply due to the quality of the work done and short delivery dates. We’re a partner for smaller companies as well as for large corporations, especially in the automotive sector. Our clients are renowned companies such as Faurecia, Grupo Antolin, Megatech, Magna, Ideal, Denso, Jablotron, TI automotive, SSI, AAH, TRW, Gumotex, Hanwha, YanFeng, KS Kolbenschmidt, Parker, etc.

Converter repairs

We repair all brands and frequencies of converters. Refurbished transducers work just as reliably as new ones and are included in the production process without restrictions, thereby saving our clients a good percentage of the costs.

Generator repairs

We provide generator diagnostics and repairs for ultrasonic welding of all brands and frequencies. Thanks to a stable team of experts and high-quality technical facilities, we have a high percentage rate of successful repairs.

Sonotrode production and refurbishments

Based on many years of experience, we design and manufacture sonotrodes for the most efficient welding. We also make precise copies thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. We produce sonotrodes from duralumin, hardened steel and titanium.


We supply cables, connectors, mains filters, and switches, etc., for the ultrasonic units. With our KLN Ultraschall logistics centre for spare parts, we offer the delivery of parts directly from our warehouse within short deadlines.



About us

We have been offering our clients quality solutions in the field of ultrasound technology since 2007.

We develop, manufacture and refurbish sonotrodes and ultrasonic welding and cutting jigs at our testing and diagnostics centre.

Ultratech s.r.o. has been the exclusive business and service partner of KLN Ultraschall in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2012. KLN Ultraschall is part of the international Crest Group, bringing together world leaders in the field of ultrasonic technology.

Our company has become a logistics and distribution centre for KLN Ultraschall spare parts for Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to the ever-increasing volume of orders, we moved the company headquarters to larger premises at Vlčetín 85, 463 43 Bílá, in 2015 where we have sufficient facilities to fulfil our business goals thanks to a newly reconstructed building.